Saturday, December 10, 2011

Buck Tail Secrets from Stan Kuzia

My name is Jeff Miller; I am a very fortunate person because I have had the privilege of growing up and fishing with men and women that are now considered to be legends. These fishermen have taught me a lot of helpful tricks. But, the man that has helped me out the most is Stan Kuzia. Stan comes in the store every day and just schools me on how to fish.  He is 88 years old and still is down the Canal every day casting wooden plugs. He doesn’t jig anymore because his shoulders are too weak. But, let me tell you Kuzia has the best casting technique of all time, it is just so smooth and effortless. Conventional or spinning, it doesn’t matter his technique is pristine. Stan might look like much but he is no joke, whatever he has forgotten about fishing in his old age, is more then I will ever know. Kuzia was best friends with the late Stan Gibbs and use to help Gibbs test and design all the custom wooden plugs for the ever popular Gibbs Lures company. As Stan Gibbs was a master at top water fishing, Stan Kuzia is the all-time ranging champ of bottom fishing.

Stan Kuzia is known for creating the Ku-Jig Company. The Ku-jig is the most popular buck tail jig in the Canal area. Sure, Stan hasn’t poured a single jig to sell in 20 years, but every single lure company that makes Buck Tails has the Ku-jig mold. You see the names in most tackle stores; Cape Cod Canal Jig, Canal Special Jig, etc… This man created the fascination of the Buck Tail Jig. Everyone in the Canal area uses these lures, so this article is made to give some insight on all the lessons Kuzia has told me.

To begin fishing the Buck Tail Jig in the Cape Cod Canal. First you will need a strong fishing pole that can cast at least 5 ounces and a fishing reel with a fast retrieve. You have to use braided line, so will feel the bottom. You cannot use monofilament because it stretches too much. The best colors of the Buck Tail Jig are White and Black. You can use a Spro Buck Tail Jig if you wish to be fancy, but all you need is just a plain colored jig.

You have to bring different weight sizes; I usually carry a 2 oz., 3 oz., 4 oz., 5 oz., and a 6 oz. in White because I usually fish during the day. During night time I carry the same size selection but just in Black, dark colors work better at night. Remember You Need at least 3 of each jig, do not be cheap and fish with just 1 jig in each ounce size. The bottom is filled with sea weed, eel grass, and lobster pots. It is a guarantee you will lose jigs, so stock up at your local tackle store. (One little word of advice) If you don’t lose any Buck Tail Jigs, then you are not jigging the correct way. You need to pay homage to the Canal God’s to catch a river monster, it’s just that simple. Give to receive, fishing is all about karma.

Now for scents and trailers; all you need is Uncle Josh Pork rinds 5” trailers. You can use Split Tail or Sea Rind style, whatever you like. Size and Shape is just personal preference, everyone has a different opinion. But, for colors you will need a good selection. The Best colors in pork rind are White, Red, pink, and Green. The go to color is Red, always start with Red. For a scent use Bio Edge, but use the wand style, not the oil. Petroleum based scents never stay on a lure for a long duration, but the wand has a scented cream that stays on your lures forever.

When to fish a Buck Tail; you need to have the water current running at a fast speed. I usually use buck tails during mid-tide, which starts 2 hours after slack tide and ends 2 hours before slack tide that is when the current is the strongest. The jig needs to be rolling on the bottom, so experiment with the sizes (ounces), and remember your jig always needs to be hitting the bottom. Cast at your 12 o’clock and let the jig roll to your 10 or 2 o’clock, when the lure gets closer to the shore then reel as fast as you can. Do not be stupid and try to jig along the shoreline; you will always lose to the Canal Gods.

There are many styles of jigging some fisherman like to just let the jig roll on the bottom and not give any action. Then there are some guys that don’t stop jigging. This part you need to watch other fishermen, and study there movements, then experiment with every style you observe. Here are just a few nicknames of jigging styles; 3 Snap Drop, Jako Jerk, Gorilla jig, Ku-Jig Slide, and my favorite to watch the Sawyer Snap. The names are funny but all of them are effective. These fishermen have been skunked hundreds of times down the Canal. But, they did what every great fisherman does, they asked questions, learned from their mistakes, and used patience to evolve and adapt their fishing game. Fishing is an art form; everyone can learn it and perfect it, but to be perfect you first need to be patient. Kuzia was patient and know the guy is a legend.

Hopefully this gave some insight to you the reader. Fishing the Canal is intimating, but once you put on your big boy shoes and say “Screw it if I lose some gear, I want to learn all I can about fishing.” Then take some helpful tips from this article and try jigging.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Deadliness of a Heavy Shad

If you are an avid Cape Cod Canal Fisherman then you know about the Tsunami Heavy Shad. There are 2 different sizes to this amazing soft plastic lure. You can either use the 5” 3 ounce or the 6” 4 ½ ounce shad. There are 4 colors, but the most effective colors out of the 4 are the Blue Back, Pearl, and Bunker patterns. There are many applications for correctly using the Heavy Shad, but the majority of people love jigging the shad on the bottom.
Especially with all the different braided lines on the market today, you will be able to feel every single bounce or piece of seaweed on you setup, while you are jigging. The Blue Back color is the best color for fishing in the Spring time because of all the River Herring and Mackerel that are migrating. The Bunker color is the reason for a lot of giant Striped Bass being caught in the Fall because of all the Pogies/Menhaden (whatever you wish to call them) that are running thru the Canal.
When casting the shad in the Cape Cod Canal make sure to cast at your 11 o’clock or your 1 o’clock, the direction of the cast depends on the direction of the current (East or West). I usually use this soft plastic when the current is at full strength because it will hit the bottom and stay close to the bottom, but also it will make it possible to swim the bait in mid-water. Don’t’ be surprised to have a fish hit it close to the rock bank during retrieval. This shad is the most preferred plastic because of the paddle tail. This paddle tail never stops vibrating and causing a commotion in the water.   
This lure is an essential weapon for the Cape Cod Canal. If you don’t have it, then look at it in link below and buy some.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Applications for a Bullet Head JIg

The Bullet Head Jig is a universal lure that fits perfectly on any Soft Plastic lure. The best Soft Plastics in my opinion are the 6”, 7’ and 9” Slug-Go’s.  This Soft plastic lure is made by Lunker City, which is made in the USA. There are many others like Al Gag’s and Ron-Z 10” tails; these lures have a great taper to the end of the tail. All of these plastic lures fit perfectly fit on the bullet head Jig.

There are many different sizes to these jig heads. The best weight for the Cape Cod Canal is the 2-6 ounce weights. To effectively apply the soft plastic to the smooth surface of the jig head. You can use any sort of Super glue to keep the plastic from sliding down the shaft of the hook. The Bullet head Jigs we sell at our store are made by Heads and Tails. This company is based out of New York and they are made out of high quality lead that doesn’t really dent our crack.

You can ask anybody around the Canal. The Most effective fishing technique is Jigging. Using Buck Tail Jigs, Soft plastic tails and heavy plastic shads are the best lures to have in your jigging arsenal.

Check out the link underneath to see the specifications.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maja Bunker Spoons = Big Fish Killer

The Tony Maja Bunker Spoons have proven themselves over and over again to be the best and brightest trolling spoons around. The Maja’s come in many different colors and weights, so you can effectively use them in Shallow or Deep water. The 4 colors are White, Chartreuse, Green and Multi Color. These colors hit every part of the spectrum and match up to tons of baitfish. After my father and I at Canal Bait and Tackle placed the Maja Bunker Spoons on our wall we had to try them out, especially during the spring when the mackerel migrate up to New England.

I used the Maja’s first. My friend and I went out on May 20th just to the outside of the East End of the Cape Cod Canal. From May 20th to around June 7th. The 40 pound plus Striped Bass come thru the Canal. The setups we used were 7’ Bunker Spoon Rods that we custom made at our store, and the reels were 113H2 with 50lb Dacron backing line and 100yds of Stainless Steel Wire. The leader is just 30’ of 80lb mono leader with a 200lb Spro Ball Bearing Swivel. That is my favorite setup to use.

At first I was a little skeptical of the design because the spoons are kind of flat, so I thought the action would be limited. You usually want a wide 6-8ft span for the Spoon to travel left to right. This action allows the lure to cover a lot more water and attracts bigger fish.

As I started to let out line at the beginning of the troll, the Bunker Spoon proved me wrong. It moved perfectly and within 10 minutes we had the first Bass on the line. We only went out 2 miles at the end of the Canal heading NNE towards the CC Buoy and within 3 hours of fishing we caught 10 Bass. The biggest one was 36lbs.

So inevitably I use Maja Bunker Spoon’s all the time. If you haven’t seen the lure yet check out the bottom link to look at the Specifications.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pyramid Sinker vs. Bank Sinker?

The 2 most popular sinkers to use for onshore fishing are the bank sinker or the pyramid sinker. A lot of people ask "What is the best sinker or weight to use for onshore fishing?" The answer is both.

The Bank Sinker is special because the tear drop shape makes it perfect for long distance casting and great for not being caught on a rocky bottom. But the down side to using the Bank Sinker is that it usually doesn’t sit in place in a strong current. These sinkers have a tendency to roll on the bottom.

The Pyramid Sinker is mostly used for weighting a rig for a sandy bottom. This weight cast just as good as a Bank Sinker, but if the area you are fishing has a rocky bottom, you will lose your weight and rig every time. The sharp points to the Pyramid Sinker will easily grab on to a rock and not let go. But, when used for beach fishing this sinker stick and embeds perfectly into the sand.

These two weights are used for different applications for fishing. That is the reason why the Bank and Pyramid sinkers are the most popular.

If you want an inexpensive price for these weights

Go to:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spinning Setup for bluefin Tuna!!

Hi this is Jeff and Bruce from Canal Bait and Tackle.
Alot of people ask us "What is the best spinning rod and reel combination to catch Bluefin Tuna?" Our answer is for the rod use a Shimano Terez 7' rod and a Shimano Stella 20000 reel. This setup balances out really nice and is deadly effective for controlling a Small School Bluefin Tuna. I have attached a video of Riptide Charters Terry Nugent using one of these setups and catching nice bluefin's.

Listen to the drag system and think of the power this tuna has. Watching this video gets me pumped for to go out for tuna. Alot of money for the setup, but if you want quality and a guarentee to land a Bluefin then you need to check this setup out!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Daiwa Emblem Shot 6000A Features:

The Daiwa Emblem Shot has a brand new design and is the most technologically advanced out of the Daiwa Emblem series. This reel features a gear ratio of 5.1:1 and retrieves 42.5 inches per crank. The weight of the reel is 23.1 ounces and has an extra 5500 sized spool. The Emblem’s line capacity is vast because it can hold 400 yards of Daiwa Samurai braid. The Emblem Shot has an automatic bail, instead of the manual bail operation. Everybody knows that the Emblem is the best casting reel, but this design makes your cast even longer and more consistent.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2nd, 2011- Fishing Report

Some Nice schoolie Striped Bass were caught at the Herring Run on Sebile Magic Swimmers.