Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maja Bunker Spoons = Big Fish Killer

The Tony Maja Bunker Spoons have proven themselves over and over again to be the best and brightest trolling spoons around. The Maja’s come in many different colors and weights, so you can effectively use them in Shallow or Deep water. The 4 colors are White, Chartreuse, Green and Multi Color. These colors hit every part of the spectrum and match up to tons of baitfish. After my father and I at Canal Bait and Tackle placed the Maja Bunker Spoons on our wall we had to try them out, especially during the spring when the mackerel migrate up to New England.

I used the Maja’s first. My friend and I went out on May 20th just to the outside of the East End of the Cape Cod Canal. From May 20th to around June 7th. The 40 pound plus Striped Bass come thru the Canal. The setups we used were 7’ Bunker Spoon Rods that we custom made at our store, and the reels were 113H2 with 50lb Dacron backing line and 100yds of Stainless Steel Wire. The leader is just 30’ of 80lb mono leader with a 200lb Spro Ball Bearing Swivel. That is my favorite setup to use.

At first I was a little skeptical of the design because the spoons are kind of flat, so I thought the action would be limited. You usually want a wide 6-8ft span for the Spoon to travel left to right. This action allows the lure to cover a lot more water and attracts bigger fish.

As I started to let out line at the beginning of the troll, the Bunker Spoon proved me wrong. It moved perfectly and within 10 minutes we had the first Bass on the line. We only went out 2 miles at the end of the Canal heading NNE towards the CC Buoy and within 3 hours of fishing we caught 10 Bass. The biggest one was 36lbs.

So inevitably I use Maja Bunker Spoon’s all the time. If you haven’t seen the lure yet check out the bottom link to look at the Specifications.