Thursday, November 24, 2011

Applications for a Bullet Head JIg

The Bullet Head Jig is a universal lure that fits perfectly on any Soft Plastic lure. The best Soft Plastics in my opinion are the 6”, 7’ and 9” Slug-Go’s.  This Soft plastic lure is made by Lunker City, which is made in the USA. There are many others like Al Gag’s and Ron-Z 10” tails; these lures have a great taper to the end of the tail. All of these plastic lures fit perfectly fit on the bullet head Jig.

There are many different sizes to these jig heads. The best weight for the Cape Cod Canal is the 2-6 ounce weights. To effectively apply the soft plastic to the smooth surface of the jig head. You can use any sort of Super glue to keep the plastic from sliding down the shaft of the hook. The Bullet head Jigs we sell at our store are made by Heads and Tails. This company is based out of New York and they are made out of high quality lead that doesn’t really dent our crack.

You can ask anybody around the Canal. The Most effective fishing technique is Jigging. Using Buck Tail Jigs, Soft plastic tails and heavy plastic shads are the best lures to have in your jigging arsenal.

Check out the link underneath to see the specifications.


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