Monday, November 28, 2011

Deadliness of a Heavy Shad

If you are an avid Cape Cod Canal Fisherman then you know about the Tsunami Heavy Shad. There are 2 different sizes to this amazing soft plastic lure. You can either use the 5” 3 ounce or the 6” 4 ½ ounce shad. There are 4 colors, but the most effective colors out of the 4 are the Blue Back, Pearl, and Bunker patterns. There are many applications for correctly using the Heavy Shad, but the majority of people love jigging the shad on the bottom.
Especially with all the different braided lines on the market today, you will be able to feel every single bounce or piece of seaweed on you setup, while you are jigging. The Blue Back color is the best color for fishing in the Spring time because of all the River Herring and Mackerel that are migrating. The Bunker color is the reason for a lot of giant Striped Bass being caught in the Fall because of all the Pogies/Menhaden (whatever you wish to call them) that are running thru the Canal.
When casting the shad in the Cape Cod Canal make sure to cast at your 11 o’clock or your 1 o’clock, the direction of the cast depends on the direction of the current (East or West). I usually use this soft plastic when the current is at full strength because it will hit the bottom and stay close to the bottom, but also it will make it possible to swim the bait in mid-water. Don’t’ be surprised to have a fish hit it close to the rock bank during retrieval. This shad is the most preferred plastic because of the paddle tail. This paddle tail never stops vibrating and causing a commotion in the water.   
This lure is an essential weapon for the Cape Cod Canal. If you don’t have it, then look at it in link below and buy some.

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